Four days to go, time to meet the Finnish Defensive Backs

Team Finland have announced their ‘takakentän puolustajat’ (back-field defenders), with roster images of this “skilled, awesome and versatile” positional group, under Defensive Backs Coach, Mikko Soininen.

Heading up the DBs is the baller many consider the #1 defensive back in the women’s Finnish Maple Leagues – Jonna Tuovisen.

As Coach Soininen shared:

“Jonna is probably the best Defensive Back in the league, definitely in the top ten in the number of tackles made across the whole of the Maple League. She is very confident in her abilities, and can be relied upon to marshall the secondary.

Jonna’s also a great example of a player that can both demand a high level of play from herself, but also support her teammates to achieve their best performances. ”

📸:Linda Mustakari


Finlands Wideouts Ready for #WECLeeds2019

Team Finland have shared the official roster photos for their wide receivers, meaning we’ve seen a full third of their roster announced so far, with more to follow over the next few days leading up to the kickoff of the Championships!

Offensive Coordinator Teemu Kuusisto described the Finnish Wide Receivers as ‘Physical, professional, and one of the most experienced units in the team’,  who block just as effectively for the run game as they contribute to the aerial attack.

Come gameday, Coach Kuusisto recommends playing close attention to diminutive wideout Kirsti Nirhamoa

“Kirsti is one of the smallest players on the roster, but always plays with a big heart and makes a lot of big plays, too.”

Introducing The Blue Lions’ Linebackers

Finland have released the roster images for their Linebacker Corps – allowing us the opportunity to get first sight of this talented group of tacklers!

Team Finland shared:

The second selection of players shared are the Linebackers.

“This group is experienced, determined, versatile, fantastic, fast, hungry, consistent and firm!”

Described Linebacker Coach and Defence Coordinator Samu Juppo.

Come game day, Coach Jup recommends keeping an eye on new addition to the National Team, Essi Saastamoista.

“Essi has developed well during the last year, especially at reading the game. She is a physical, agile from whom you can expect will put on a show come game time.”

📸: Linda Mustakari