And finally… The Finnish Quarterbacks looking to lead their Offence to Euros Victory

Quarterbacks Coach, Jenni Wahlberg, is proud that her trio of quarterbacks are all very capable of stepping up to lead the Finnish offence, each with their own particular skill sets that benefit the position.

As a former All-Star Maple Leagues legend who was with the Finnish National team when they won their 2015 championship, Wahlberg knows what it takes to win on the international scene:

“Each of our Quarterbacks is very capable of leading the offence, and each in their own way. Janina and Pia are veterans for the National team, though it’ll be Janina’s first time stepping up as Quarterback. Finally, Emilia is on the National Team roster for the first time, but the former Wide Receiver-turned-Quarterback for the Tampere Saints has already become an integral part of the team.”

📸: Linda Mustakari

Blue Lions’ Defensive Line Looking to Dominate in the Trenches

Team Finland have shared official roster photos for the defensive line who will be hungrily hunting quarterbacks next week!

A dynamic unit with a mixture of pace and strength, Defensive Line Coach

According to Coach Heikki Kuuselan noted that his players are

“Technical, aggressive, physical, and above all things – tough.”

Coach Kuuselan recommended that on gameday, opposing offences will be hard-pressed to keep Minna Lehtinen away from their QBs,

” Lehtinen is a physical and aggressive player in the centre of the defensive line. She has a tireless engine and an unquenchable thirst for game-changing plays! It’s my job to harness that hunger and use it to benefit the whole defence.”



📸: Linda Mustakari

Finland’s Running Backs Have a Fearsome Reputation

The Blue Lions have announced their running backs, a unit that was so utterly dominant when Finland smashed their way to a first-ever Women’s European Championship back in 2015.

This player group includes 2018 Women’s Maple League MVP, Tytti Kuusinen, who’s been a dominant force in the Finnish women’s game in recent years, and showed her mettle at the World Championships in Canada in 2017 as well.

A dangerous combination of pace, hard-hitting, and incredible tenacity, Kuusinen is the first of a number of players that are expected to shine in Finland’s ground game.

As Running Backs Coach Mikko Rissanen shared,

“The group is experienced, explosive, strong and will also surprise opponents with their speed.

He emphasised that as a unit, they’re a danger both carrying the football, but in the passing game as well:

“Our running backs have a lot of different features and skills. Whether it’s rushing, catching,  or potentially even throwing the ball!

Tytti Kuusinen offers north-south strength and speed, Mari Jaaskela’s can catch as well as any of the wideouts and is good at short yardage gains, Aino has the pace to break big plays to the outside, while Emilia Kemppl is a great blocker, able to support the offensive line in creating room to run for her fellow Running Backs.”


📸: Linda Mustakari