Finland Roster Announced

Per, 14 May 2019

The defending European Champions have shared their roster, ready for the IFAF European Championships later this summer.

**Please note, this roster was shared in May and there have since been some updates to Finland’s tournament roster that are yet to be shared.**

According to Head Coach Mika Eloranta the team are fielding an impressive, renewed, roster of veterans and international rookies.

Whittled down from an initial invitational roster of 92 candidates, through a three-stage selection process the Finns have refined the following roster stacked with talent from the domestic Maple Leagues.

First name Last name Playing position Team
Iida Kivioja DB Oulu Northern Lights
Noora Koponen DB Kuopio Steelers
Evi Laajapuro DB Kuopio Steelers
Anastasia Olavuo DB Helsinki Roosters
Heta Rantanen DB Helsinki Wolverines
Tiina Suvioja DB Helsinki Wolverines
Oona Tuomi DB Kuopio Steelers
Jonna Tuovinen DB Tampere Saints
Milena AbbasMamode DL Tampere Saints
Minna Lehtinen DL Helsinki Wolverines
Nenna Muurinen DL Turku Trojans
Laura Pekkarinen DL Mikkeli Bouncers
Bonnet Rahkonen DL Helsinki Roosters
Elina Seppälä DL Helsinki Wolverines
Crackle Forsblom LB Tampere Saints
Emmi Järn LB Helsinki Wolverines
Elina Kero LB Helsinki Wolverines
Anni Laitinen LB Mikkeli Bouncers
Tiina Möttönen LB Helsinki Wolverines
Tytti Niemi LB Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Janika Nikander LB Helsinki Wolverines
Essi Saastamoinen LB Kuopio Steelers
Anni Alanko OL Helsinki Wolverines
Mint Hurme OL Helsinki Wolverines
Riikka Koskenniemi OL Helsinki Roosters
Minna Laitila OL Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Sedge Lehtonen OL Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Venla Nikula OL Helsinki Wolverines
Heli Rontu OL Helsinki Roosters
Anna-Kaisa Saarenpää OL Helsinki Wolverines
Emilia Hartikainen QB Tampere Saints
Tiina Salo QB Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Janina Virtanen QB Helsinki Roosters
Pot Jääskelä RB Helsinki Roosters
Emilia Kemppi RB Mikkeli Bouncers
Tytti Kuusinen RB Helsinki Wolverines
Aino Lepojärvi RB Oulu Northern Lights
Laura Pulkkinen RB Kuopio Steelers
Jenni Kangas WR Helsinki Wolverines
Sari Kuosmanen WR Turku Trojans
Anna Martola WR Helsinki Wolverines
Kirsti Nirhamo WR Turku Trojans
Anne Rasilahti WR Helsinki Roosters
Sanni Seppälä WR Helsinki Wolverines
Essi Söderholm WR Eagle Eagles