Tournament Tiebreakers: So what could happen on Saturday?

With the current standings seeing Finland edge ahead of the pack following their narrow win on Wednesday afternoon, there’s still all to play for the defending European Champs, along with their upcoming opponent, tournament hosts, Great Britain! has kindly broken down the various scenarios and what needs to happen for either outfit to emerge on top.

Disappointingly for Sweden, having already played both GB and Finland, even if they win on Saturday afternoon and end up on an equal record to GB and Finland (should GB win against the Blue Lions) there’s no way for the Swedes to emerge on top – a big GB win would see them take the title, a small one or a loss means Finland retain the title.

Confused? Fear not – IFAF have broken down the possible scenarios:

The simplest outcome is if Finland beat Great Britain. That would see Finland crowned Champions and Sweden secure second place regardless of the result between Sweden and Austria as they (Sweden) have the head to head over Great Britain.

If Great Britain defeat Finland then it is possible that Great Britain, Finland and Sweden all end up on 2 wins (the first tie breaker) Great Britain would have the head to head over Finland, Finland would have the head to head over Sweden and Sweden would have the head to head over Great Britain (the second tie breaker).

This means that we would look at tie-breaker 3 from the Competition Regulations: Points Difference in head to head. There was agreement between nations prior to the tournament that in any victory if a points difference in a game was greater than 35 points only those 35 would count. This was to prevent teams having the opportunity to run up scores.

Therefore, in this circumstance scores against Austria are discounted.

  • Finland are +7 versus Sweden
  • Sweden are +3 versus Great Britain and -7 versus Finland (therefore are on -4)
  • Great Britain are on -3 after Sweden.

Therefore, if Great Britain defeat Finland and win by a score of 6 or higher they will be Champions If Great Britain defeat Finland by 4 or less, Finland will be Champions.  

If Great Britain defeat Finland by 5 then we will drop to the next tiebreaker: Points difference in total. 

The 35 point difference cap is retained but this time scores including Austria are counted.

  • Finland are +35 versus Austria and +7 versus Sweden
  • Great Britain are + 30 versus Austria and -3 versus Sweden
  • Sweden are +3 versus Great Britain and -7 versus Finland
  • The maximum points difference Sweden can attain is +31 (35 notional versus Austria) + 3 and then -7)
  • Finland would have +37 (35 + 7 and then – 5)
  • Great Britain would have +32 (30 + 5 and then – 3)

So in the case of a 5 point victory by Great Britain over Finland then Finland would be crowned champions. Great Britain would be second and 3rd place would be Sweden (if they beat Austria) or Austria (if the beat Sweden thereby having the head to head).

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