And finally… The Finnish Quarterbacks looking to lead their Offence to Euros Victory

Quarterbacks Coach, Jenni Wahlberg, is proud that her trio of quarterbacks are all very capable of stepping up to lead the Finnish offence, each with their own particular skill sets that benefit the position.

As a former All-Star Maple Leagues legend who was with the Finnish National team when they won their 2015 championship, Wahlberg knows what it takes to win on the international scene:

“Each of our Quarterbacks is very capable of leading the offence, and each in their own way. Janina and Pia are veterans for the National team, though it’ll be Janina’s first time stepping up as Quarterback. Finally, Emilia is on the National Team roster for the first time, but the former Wide Receiver-turned-Quarterback for the Tampere Saints has already become an integral part of the team.”

📸: Linda Mustakari

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