Austria Share Final 45-Player Tournament Roster

Austria have revealed their final 45-player tournament roster ahead of next week’s IFAF European Championships.

Shared via, Head Coach Cameron Frickey has put together a squad with a wealth of talent, especially from the Vienna Vikings and Salzburg Ducks – the two teams that contested the most recent Austrian National Championship.

Player Roster

Jersey # Forename Surname Position Club Team
1 Daniela Schelch QB Amstetten Thunder
2 Christina Maria Gull WR Salzburg Ducks
3 Nina Hradsky WR Telfs Patriots
4 Selina Loibner WR Vienna Vikings
7 Cornelia Pripfl QB Vienna Vikings
10 Denise Stegmayr WR Schwaz Hammers
11 Christina Marie Egger DB Graz Giants
12 Anna Madlik DB Danube Dragons
20 Teresa Müllebner DB Vienna Vikings
21 Angelika Peters DB Vienna Vikings
22 Lisa Ruetz DB Telfs Patriots
23 Michaela Schuler DB Danube Dragons
24 Annette Titz DB Vienna Vikings
25 Teresa Stefanie Fast RB Vienna Vikings
26 Victoria Maria Wengler DL Salzburg Ducks
30 Julia Hable RB Vienna Vikings
31 Siri Knapp RB Vienna Vikings
32 Lisa Putz RB Vienna Vikings
33 Sarah Riefler RB Salzburg Ducks
34 Susanne Unger RB Vienna Vikings
35 Theresa Schuster RB Salzburg Ducks
36 Monika Lydia Lang LB Salzburg Ducks
40 Konstanze Marek LB Vienna Vikings
41 Patricia Stefenelli LB St. Pölten Invaders
42 Sarah Struber LB Salzburg Ducks
43 Karin Weinberger DL Vienna Vikings
44 Tatjana Klement DL Danube Dragons
45 Juliana Angermair LB Telfs Patriots
46 Susanne Rechbauer LB Vienna Vikings
47 Susanna Spannring DL Upper Styrian Rhinos
50 Corinna Brenner OL Vienna Vikings
51 Marie-Claire Kappacher OL Vienna Vikings
52 Eva Bettina Johanna Köfler OL Telfs Patriots
53 Stephanie Fankhauser OL Salzburg Ducks
54 Eda Kiribrahim OL Vienna Vikings
55 Patricia Pospisil OL Vienna Vikings
71 Asya Cetin OL Danube Dragons
72 Marie Pribyl OL Styrian Hurricanes
80 Antonia Paula Loicht WR Vienna Vikings
81 Denise Scharaditsch WR Vienna Vikings
82 Barbara Schwaiger WR Amstetten Thunder
83 Carina Czak DL Salzburg Ducks
84 Bernadett Gürtler DL Schwaz Hammers
90 Sabine Rechbauer DL Vienna Vikings
91 Kathrin Schumacher DL Telfs Patriots


Coaching Staff

Forename Surname Position
Cameron Frickey Head Coach / OC / WR / QB
Elisabeth Riegler-Haag Defence Coordinator / LB
Jeffery Asare DL-Coach
Lukas Scharnagl DB-Coach
Boris Sobieski RB-Coach
Marcus Trimmel O-Line-Coach
Jae-Hun Yun SPT / Video
Thomas Ölsböck Chief Of Mission
Marion Demmel Assistant Chief Of Mission
Fabian Michalczik Physiotherapist

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