Four days to go, time to meet the Finnish Defensive Backs

Team Finland have announced their ‘takakentän puolustajat’ (back-field defenders), with roster images of this “skilled, awesome and versatile” positional group, under Defensive Backs Coach, Mikko Soininen.

Heading up the DBs is the baller many consider the #1 defensive back in the women’s Finnish Maple Leagues – Jonna Tuovisen.

As Coach Soininen shared:

“Jonna is probably the best Defensive Back in the league, definitely in the top ten in the number of tackles made across the whole of the Maple League. She is very confident in her abilities, and can be relied upon to marshall the secondary.

Jonna’s also a great example of a player that can both demand a high level of play from herself, but also support her teammates to achieve their best performances. ”

📸:Linda Mustakari


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