Team Sweden Roster Announced

Per, 9 July 2019

Team Sweden Head Coach Christian Forsman has shared the 43 players to the Swedish Women’s National Team for the 2019 European Championships.

Coach Forsman shared:

“It has been a long and difficult process to get the final squad where there has been incredible evenness between many players and we really had to go through all aspects before we made the decisions.

There has been incredible competition for roster spots building up to this tournament and I am grateful for how many players have been available to make this trip as part of the National Team. We have a really strong team and I look forward to the challenges during the European Championships this summer.”

The Swedish Finalists Carlstad Crusaders and Örebro Black Knights are well represented in the Swedish squad, between them providing 27 of the 43 players.

Team Sweden Roster:
QB Linda Johansson Carlstad Crusaders
QB Mallory Fraiche Jönköping Spartans
RB Anna Hedström Carlstad Crusaders
RB Minmin Zhao Örebro Black Knights
RB Moa Toll Arlanda Jets
FB Sara Lidner Örebro Black Knights
FB Elin Luuk Örebro Black Knights
WR Teresia Keskitalo Örebro Black Knight
WR Moa Hansson Carlstad Crusaders
WR Emma Sandsjö Carlstad Crusaders / Skövde Dukes
WR Karin Ullen Carlstad Crusaders
WR Hanna Karlsson Jönköping Spartans
WR Natalie Bengtsson Carlstad Crusaders
WR Sara Wikström Jönköping Spartans
OL Alexandra Thörnstrand Örebro Black Knights
OL Julia Olsson Kristianstad Predators
OL Angelica Tingstad Örebro Black Knights
OL Johanna Enoksson Örebro Black Knights
OL Frida Olsson Granlund Carlstad Crusaders
OL Ida Handel Carlstad Crusaders
OL Dessire Strömberg Carlstad Crusaders
DT Johanna Aspenberg Örebro Black Knights
DT Mathilda Thörnblad Jönköping Spartans
DT Jonna Didriksson Carlstad Crusaders
DT Linn Stridsman Arlanda Jets
DT Caroline Dahlen Örebro Black Knights
THE Elin Thimfors Carlstad Crusaders
THE Yasmin El Messaoudi Arlanda Jets
THE Marie Mardirossian Örebro Black Knights
THE Veronika Nikeus Örebro Black Knights
LB Tove Hedengren Örebro Black Knights
LB Alma Gustavsson Carlstad Crusaders
LB Jenika Hedman Örebro Black Knights
LB Heidi Svensson Duric Jönköping Spartans
LB Matilda Svensson Duric Jönköping Spartans
LB Gabriella Brönnegård Arlanda Jets
DB Elin Persson Örebro Black Knights
DB Hedvig Palocci Arlanda Jets
DB Tilde Vitek Örebro Black Knights
DB Jenny Gramenius Arlanda Jets
DB Amanda Åslund Arlanda Jets
DB Sabina Rydberg Arlanda Jets
DB Rebecka Winberg Utah Falcons

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